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Kickstarter Corner: Crying Suns

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Crying Suns is a macro-management space exploration and real time strategy game. You will be traveling the universe at FTL speed scraping together limited resources while trying to save the human race. Work your way through solar systems defeating hostile factions or creating an alliance with a friendly group. Instead controlling one or two ships you are more like an admiral overseeing a fleet. Risking thousands of lives every time you enter a new system.

Gameplay revolves around your star map, resources, exploration, and inevitably battle. You will have to collect scrap, the imperial currency, to buy new ships, upgrades, weapons, and much more. The second is Neo-N, the fuel for your technology and ships. Only a handful of planets produce it and it can be dangerous to harvest. The third thing you will need to accomplish your goals is, commandos. They are armed with the best tech and weapons money can buy. They function much like the space marines in Aliens or Starship Troopers, they are cannon fodder helping bring the larger picture into focus.

The combat and exploration are a bit like a chess match trying to outwit and out strategize your enemy, whether it’s environmental or a hostile faction. The combat looks like a mix between Tron, Starcraft, and any number of tactical RPG games. It looks frantic, once you engage things can swing for or against you in an instant. To turn the tides in your favor you can use your ships special weapons and abilities. You know you win when you breach the hull of the opposing battleship, followed by some serious fireworks. Defeating other ships also yields you scrap that you can use to turn into fuel, upgrades, and weapons.

It looks like a blast and I have been looking for a good space game to sink my teeth into. The ability to be an admiral trying to sounds very enticing. It seems like a space Civilization mixed with Command and Conquer (The good ones). I want to save the human race and dominate a massive cluster of star systems. I will definitely be launching some serious fireworks, destroying battleships and armada’s will be terribly fun.

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