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Review: GTA Online After Hours DLC

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The newest DLC from Rockstar allows players to purchase and run a nightclub. I was just excited to see what they would do with it and what new wrinkle it would add to the game. After nearly five years, GTA V continues to add new DLC’s regularly and all for free. I had moved away from the game for almost two years before the new heists and CEO DLC was released. Now I can’t stop myself from migrating back after playing some of the newer releases. The After Hours DLC is one of the reasons I made my way back a few days ago to start saving for a night club.

I thought that purchasing a night club was going to be an incredible expense. Most of the businesses in the past have been in the millions just to buy the base and then millions more to buy the additions to make said business worth the trouble. This is the whole reason I still don’t have a bunker. The Rockstar team may have learned from that and you can purchase a fully functional night club for around 1.5 million. That may sound like a lot to some but when you can make over 100k an hour it’s not too bad and much better than others. The downside of it being “cheap” is that you get a low return per hour, about 10K.

That being said if you have other businesses you can run them through the night club. With a night club you get one garage, with the ability to get up to five levels and you get a warehouse with the ability to have five levels. These can be filled with contraband from your other businesses and it’s all passive. You have one technician but you can buy as many as you have businesses and put them to work. The names for each are entertaining, I think the best one is “Pharmaceutical Research” (AKA Meth). These warehouses fill up regardless if your businesses have product or supplies in them. In over an hour you can make anywhere between 10K and 50K depending on what businesses you have running through your nightclub. Will it take a long time to pay off? Yes. Is it worth it? Also, yes.

Even if you think it sounds expensive and that it will take a long time to pay off there is a decent bit of story to this DLC. It almost feels like a single player addition. You get cut scenes and some great missions to do. Picking up the DJ is especially eventful and in a fun way. There are others and they are fun too but the airport pickup is my favorite. Plus we get to see “Gay Tony” again and that’s a nice treat. I love that they are wrapping in a lot of characters. We get to see an especially pitiful “Lazlow” who is on the outs and his career as a DJ has fallen apart.

Your club will also have to be promoted to stay popular otherwise your income will decrease over time. These are pretty run of the mill, drive/fly around putting up posters or picking up famous people. They added in a little fun, when other clubs are out promoting you can get paid to stop them. This of course means killing them. Unlike other businesses this has relatively little effect on the club owner. There is nothing worse than delivering product and a player kills you because you lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. This however, does little other than waste a bit of their time. It’s more of a crime of opportunity for other players. I was run over while putting up a poster and just laughed because it was stupid and funny as I dead monkeyed my way through the sky.

So far I have enjoyed the After Dark DLC a lot and had a ton of fun setting the club up. Now I am just chilling at the bar grabbing a drink before I hit the dance floor again. Maybe later I’ll have to do some work to make sure the club stays bumpin but that will be for future me. I can relax knowing that my warehouse is filling up with goods that are going to make me a pile of cash. If you have dropped out of GTA Online it might be time to hop back on and enjoy a drink with some friends while listening to some sweet EDM.

Score: 8/10

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