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Kickstarter Corner: Saturday Morning Games

What can I say, Saturday Morning Games hit a soft spot with me. I grew up as a nineties kid and loved Saturday mornings. I would park myself in front of the TV with a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons. He-man, Ninja Turtles, X-Men, and the rest of the great cartoons were all part of my early morning ritual before my parents got up. Saturday Morning Games taps into that and parodies, to an extent, those childhood cartoons to make an easy to pick up card game. You match up weapons with characters and actions to beat the cereal bowls out of your opponents.

It is two to four players which is perfect for a small group. For me, this is perfect because it means I can beat the cereal out of my brothers and wife all at once! The cards are fun, colorful, and descriptive. There are three main types of cards that you will have to work with and all of them mandatory to win. You will have to match a character card, weapon card, and an action card to complete a strike, winning you the cereal bowls listed on the weapon card. Weapons cards are laid out on the table in front of the players and the character and action cards are added to them. This means that more than one person can complete the trifecta needed. If you added a card earlier to a weapon but someone else finishes the action then you don’t get anything. After playing a card you get to draw a new one, just be mindful of what you play and what you need before just throwing out cards. So, you could mix together “Kick A$$ Lady American Hero”, Swings, and Flamethrower. You would then get to steal the amount of cereal bowls listed on the card (7).

If the opponent has no more cereal bowls you win. However, Saturday Morning Games adds a few little extras to keep the game interesting by having some fun modifier cards. There are attack boost cards, defense cards, and, of course, block cards. The first two are pretty self-explanatory but the block cards are an interesting twist. You can play it on any weapon card and the progress on it is reset and no one can play any cards on it until someone plays the amount of cereal bowls to unlock it, listed on the block card. Be careful though, don’t just block the one you that has a card already attached because it might have a rather low attack compared to another. Oh and one more thing about the blocking cards, the cereal bowls stay on the weapon card. That means whoever finishes an attack with that card gets those additional cereal bowls.

Saturday Morning Games avoids being just for kids of the 80’s and 90’s by limiting the cards to just descriptors (Think Cards Against Humanity). So instead of a Transformer, it says “Mega Transforming Robot Jerk.” Or instead of GI Joes’, Cobra Commander, it is “Commander that’s probably a snake dude under that mask…maybe.” All sorts of fun little parodies like that. Even some of the weapons are parodies of major weapons from Thunder Cats, He-man, and others.

I personally think Saturday Morning Games is the perfect quick game to play. I am always looking for a fast paced game that is easy to pick up and put down. Right now Sushi Go! is our go to but Saturday Morning Games could become a prominent fixture in our house. It’s almost across the finish line on Kickstarter, so if you think it sounds as great as I do head on over and help Saturday Morning Games become a reality.

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