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Kickstarter Corner: Storyball

Storyball is an interactive smart toy for children. It allows you to attach new skins to the ball and a new story plays out. One might be hunting aliens, or finding treasure, or even helping a unicorn. Each experience is different and it gets the kids out of the house. Each Storyball features a microphone, motions sensing, and a speaker. Kids can interact with nature while having a blast. The video on the page is pretty bad but the overall idea is amazing. The toy is durable so even a rowdy child will have a tough time destroying it. I thought one of the coolest things about it is, the ball will read along with books that come with the skins. Helping children learn to read is a passion of mine, it is necessary and no one should be left behind. It also links to an app on your phone that tells you what they have learned that day and where they are at in the story. In the video provided on the site it shows a young girl learning the meaning of glamorous, astonishing, and ravishing. On top of that, the stories can even be played with multiple people. That could get children interacting with others instead of isolating themselves on a tablet or phone. If you are a parent or someone who sees the educational value should go onto Kickstarter and back Storyball.

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