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PAX West 2018 Highlight: Outer Wilds

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

We met with Wesley from Mobius Digital about their upcoming game Outer Wilds. It's an interesting open world space exploration game with a very intriguing twist, every twenty minutes the sun goes super nova killing everyone and you start over. With every restart you retain your memories and learn new things that may alter the next cycle. 

You begin the game out on your home planet but are encouraged to traverse into the galaxy to do some exploring. With every cycle, you will find yourself on your home planet ready to explore anew. After each cycle the galaxy will change and there will be new stuff for you to uncover. This is an interesting premise and not one I’ve ever encountered before.

Each planet is extremely different with its own atmosphere and weather systems. When I played the game at PAX I landed on a planet that was covered in tornadoes and storms. It was really interesting flying the shuttle through the storms and having to worry about what would happen to me.

The gameplay was very smooth and had some great mechanics. There are stones that you will encounter that effect the gravity. Whenever you see one of these glowing stones the gravity will shift helping you to see a way in or climb a cliff. It was really a lot of fun playing this game even if it was for a short twenty-minute cycle. I can easily see myself being sucked in for hours. 

I’m very grateful for the time that Wesley and Mobius Digital spent with us discussing Outer Wilds. The game will be releasing soon so keep your eye out. If you’d like to find out more or view their trailer visit their page at the link below.

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