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Downloadable Deal:

Console: Battlefield 1 Revolution

Battlefield 1 Revolution

Playstation is running an amazing deal on one of the best first person shooters out there. From trench warfare to charging lines, the story is gritty and really grasps the horror that was WWI. Most players won’t be drawn to the campaign though and will almost immediately jump onto the multiplayer. The multiplayer offers massive maps filled with early modern war contraptions available. From bi-planes, to easily overheated machine guns, to boxy tanks. The maps feel like a real battlefield. There are built in fortifications and towns that can be leveled during the long matches. With the Battlefield 1 Revolution pack you even get the 4 expansions, which are $15 a piece. The first expansion “They Shall Not Pass” allows you to play as the French and fight your way across France. Then you will get to go to Russia and ride with the Hussars by fighting in the Brusilov and Albion battles. The third installation is more naval focused and you will be able to storm the famed beaches of Gallipoli. Finally, “Apocalypse” is being released and will include some of the most famous battles of WWI and add new weapons and tools that are “born out of desperation.” I loved the gun play and the beautiful expansive maps and for $20 this is a steal. I suggest that everyone should jump at the chance to experience Battlefield 1 in all of its glory.

Buy it here: PSN


PC: Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition

GOG is running a great deal on the definitive edition of Ori and the Blind Forest. This is one of the best platformers I have played in years. The controls are tight and easy to learn but difficult to master. Moon Studios avoided repetitiveness by adding in a skill tree that allows you to grow and play the best way that fits you. In a typical platformer the story is cast to the side, Ori and the Blind Forest bucks that trend. The story has impact and will help drive you on. You will keep saying "one more level, I have to see what happens." For me this rarely happens in a game, let alone a difficult platforming one. The definitive edition adds a few more features and goodies to the game that the original was missing. Either way for half off ($10) it is well worth it. It should be on your play list and since the second game is coming out soon this would be the perfect time to get caught up.

Buy it here: GOG

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