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Downloadable Deal: Rogue Legacy and PlayerUnknowns Battleground

PC: Rogue Legacy available on Steam

Rogue Legacy might be one of the coolest rogue lite I have played. It hit it's five year anniversary and is on sale for just a few bucks. It is well worth it and should be a must add to your Steam library. You play as a family that is grinding their way through a castle preparing to fight the final fight. The boss with UNLIMITED POWER.

This isn't as easy as it sounds. You are grinding your way through the castle to get new gear, stats, and abilities. Each time you die though you start over as a descendant. You get to choose between three different knights, each with their own problems. One might have color blindness (world is black and white), hypergonadism (you are perma-roided), or a myriad of other strengths or weaknesses.

It's procedurally generated so you can die a hundred times and only see similar things a handful of times. There are punishingly hard trap rooms and equally difficult rooms that contain your loot. The further you go the more you can tap into the skill tree and add additional weaponry and armor. It has a ton of fun/funny easter eggs, some better than other but still awesome when you stumble across one. The graphics and music are call backs to the early hard as hell sidescrollers. Both aspects are pretty great.

Rogue Legacy is incredibly fun and right now is cheap as hell. Everyone should pick this up if they enjoy games. The developers are still supporting it even after five years. So go and check it out. If you like the look of it there is a bundle that is also for sale to get their newest game Full Metal Furies. Rogue Legacy by it's self is only four bucks and the bundle is just shy of twenty. Get it while it's hot over on Steam.


How can anyone pass up a two for one deal? The answer is no one. Yes both of these games when they launched were train wrecks but as time has gone on Assassins Creed Unity has turned into a fun compelling game. PUBG is still a mess but it's like a train wreck that you can't stop looking at.

Assassins Creed: Unity takes place during the French Revolution and you are playing a role in how it plays out. The games have always had good combat and fun stealth mechanics. Many other games try to do stealth but most are frustrating and awful. I really enjoyed my time with it but it's a one play through. There isn't a lot offered after the main story. Both games in this bundle have had rocky starts. Unity was plagued with glitches and a seemingly incomplete game. However, Unity has been fixed and is now quite enjoyable.

PUBG on the other hand is a nightmare. Every time there is an update something new is broken and the thing they were trying to fix might be fixed but, probably not. However, it is a game that I cannot stop playing. It has tense combat and trying to survive 99 other people is a blast. The gun play is a mixed bag, sometimes it feels right but other times you will be shooting a window sill when it looks like you are shooting out the window. Some of the coolest things have happened in this game and there is nothing more satisfying than getting a Chicken Dinner (winning the match). Then there is the frustration of running across the map trying to avoid the circle that will damage you when outside of it.

I know I talked major crap about PUBG but like I said it's still a blast (somehow) and it has a huge player base so you can get into a match almost immediately. Assassins Creed Unity got passed over because of it's troubled launch but, it has turned into a polished game that has a lot of fun to offer. $13 for the pair is well worth it and I promise you will not regret it. So go pick it up on CDKeys today.

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