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Downloadable Deal: Child of Light & Life Goes On

It is the most morbid platformer I have played. To win each level you may have to sacrifice many of your fellow knights. To clear a level you must kill a number of knights to make it over pits or to shut off fire valves or electrical wires. After each death and a new Knight spawns a scroll pops up and your old relative is crossed off and a new one added. The knight’s whole family is a glutton for punishment and they keep entering the cave to find the treasures deep into the cave. It features tight controls, allowing you to make precision jumps and the only frustration you will have is from difficulty not awful controls. The graphics stand in contrast to the grimness of the situation. They are bright and vibrant and in some cases cheery while the knight gruesomely dies over and over. It reminds me of Live, Die, Repeat, but without Tom Cruise. For a measly $2.50 you could he having a blast, I really think Life Goes On will knock you dead.


Console: Child of Light, available on Xbox Live

Child of Light is one of the prettiest turn based RPG games that I have ever played. The story is sweet and touching. You play as Aurora, a young girl, on her coming of age adventure. She is transported to another world, Lemuria, and must fight creatures of the dark. To defeat the creatures of the dark and save the sun and stars you will have to battle foes, solve puzzles, and assemble a worthy team. The combat is varied and doesn’t get old. This is helped by the rather robust skill tree that you can develop and choose your play style. The turns are even a little different in how they work and each move is based around time, which is indicated a slide bar at the bottom of the screen. So enemies, you, or other members of your team can block or attack multiple times during another cast time. The world around you is beautiful and looks like it has been pulled straight out of a fairy tale. For only $4.50 this is a steal and I believe is an adventure that everyone should take.

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