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Downloadable Deal: Hellblade and PlayerUnknown's Battleground

Hellblade is a gorgeous cinematic masterpiece. With its beautiful graphics and interesting concept, I couldn’t wait to pick it up. I was ecstatic when I found it on Steam’s Summer Sale for only $17.99. Honestly, I would have paid full price for this game and still been 100% satisfied.

The game starts with Senua in a small canoe paddling through a channel of water, overhanging the water are numerous bodies. The first thing I noticed was how rich the details were. Adding to the macabre atmosphere are the voices. There is one voice that is a little louder than the others. She is the one that seems to be narrating Senua’s story for the player, but you can still clearly hear the other voices. The dissonance of the voices complement the scenery perfectly. After a short time, Senua reaches shore and the player takes control. Thus beginning your journey into Helheim, the land of the dead.

The gameplay is rather simplistic. Hellblade focuses more on the story than the actual gameplay. This sounds somewhat like a complaint, and for any other game it probably would be, but for this game it works.


How can anyone pass up a two for one deal? The answer is no one. Yes both of these games when they launched were train wrecks but as time has gone on Assassins Creed Unity has turned into a fun compelling game. PUBG is still a mess but it's like a train wreck that you can't stop looking at.

Assassins creed takes place during the French Revolution and you are playing a role in how it plays out. The games have always had good combat and fun stealth mechanics. Many other games try to do stealth but most are frustrating and awful. I really enjoyed my time with it but it's a one play through there isn't a lot offered after the main story.

PUBG on the other hand is a nightmare. Every time there is an update something new is broken and the thing they were trying to fix might be fixed but, probably not. However, it is a game that I cannot stop playing. It has tense combat and trying to survive 99 other people is a blast. The gun play is a mixed bag, sometimes it feels right but other times you will be shooting a window sill when it looks like you are shooting out the window. Some of the coolest things have happened in this game and there is nothing more satisfying than getting a Chicken Dinner (winning the match). Then there is the frustration of running across the map trying to avoid the circle that will damage you when outside of it.

I know I talked major crap about PUBG but like I said it's still a blast (somehow) and it has a huge player base so you can get into a match almost immediately. Assassins Creed Unity got passed over because of it's troubled launch but it has turned into a polished game that has a lot of fun to offer. $13 for the pair is well worth it and I promise you will not regret it. So go pick it up on CDKeys today.

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