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Kickstarter Corner: Getaway Driver

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Board game: Campaign Ends on July 4th 2018

Getaway Driver caught our eye because it seems like a fast and frantic asymmetrical action game. The police are trying to jam up the driver by getting reinforcements and raising the "pursuit meter." Once it's maxed out, the driver is caught and loses the game. On the other hand if the driver gets out of the city they win. They both have their tricks, the driver starts with all of their abilities, the police have to slowly build. It kind of plays out like a GTA police chase. Plus it is one of the rare games that seems like a blast for just two players. Most games in the two player category seem to be card based or they just don't work as well for two players. This seems like the perfect game to bring on a camping trip with my wife and I.

The setup is easy, you basically have a starting tile and build out from there. Draw new tile cards and put them around the driver. The driver then chooses a direction and moves onto the tile. Some tiles will have varying degrees of hazards. Some will cost the driver a special card and others will block roadways and if a police officer moves onto the tile his car is removed from the board. It should take about a half hour to finish a game and it looks really fun. If you are looking for something a little different, a mix of GTA and Betrayal at the House on the Hill, then look no further than Getaway Driver.

Check out the campaign here: Kickstarter

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