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Indie-ana Jones Reviews: Tiny Barbarian DX (Episode 2)

I’ll keep this short and sweet. In Tiny Barbarian DX episode one you were tied to a try and left to die by some a-hole cult members. After escaping you go hunting for these cult members and punish them for what they did. Using your sword and awesome elbow drops you take them out one by one. They what do you stumble across? That’s right ladies. The second episode opens with you sleeping through one of the ladies trying to wake you up. After failed attempts she walks away, I assume to get something to eat. Then you wake up and have to find/save her.

In the first episode you fought snakes, cult members, elbow dropped eagles, and rode a cat creature. In the second episode you get to do all the same things, including killing wizards, but instead of a cat your ride and fight giant bee’s.

Riding the bees can be very tricky especially when fighting other creatures while on the back of one. To get one you just have to jump on the back of one but how you get off is the troublesome bit. When you want to fly up you have to hit ‘A’ but if you point that joystick anywhere near up he will just hop off. It is annoying as hell and caused me to die with no enemy around, which is embarrassing. I wish the controls had been push down and 'A’ to dismount, it would stop a lot of mishaps. Otherwise the controls are perfect, the jumping, hanging, attacking, etc is crisp and responsive.

The environments in Tiny Barbarian DX episode 1 were colorful and engaging. Each level is distinct and lets you feel the dinginess of the sewer area or the excitement of fighting through the castle of wizards and other cultists. Episode 2 does not disappoint, your eyes don’t get bored because each area is distinct and right when you might start to get bored with an area bam you are in a new section. Starquail did a great job of breaking up the scenery. It makes battling a world filled with baddies extra enjoyable.

If you haven’t already purchased Tiny Barbarian DX you most definitely should. It is a measly $10 and you get all 4 episodes no matter when you buy it. You can beat them fairly quickly if you are very skilled at a Castlevania sort of game but what will keep you coming back is the challenges, both speed runs and achievements. There is also a great horde mode right when you fire the game up. It pits you against an endless swarm of cultists, wizards, and archers all determined to end your life. It adds a lot of replayablility and even if you put this game down right after playing it someday in the future you will see it in your library and fire it up for the fond memories. It is worth your ten dollars so go to the Steam store and check it out.

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