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Rising for the Throne

Board Game: Campaign Ends July 14, 2018

Rising for the Throne has attention grabbing art with vibrant colors. Apparently I like shinny things and it made me click on it. After reading it however this game looks like a blast. You can play from 2 to 6 players, so perfect for those medium sized game nights.

You play as different clans that are trying to field the largest army. Each clan card has combinations that need to be rolled to get resources. These resources can be used to purchase ships, soldiers, and heroes of all different types. Each created card has abilities on them that help you some augment your strength or sabotage the opposing players, among other things. You only get a six man army so if another card comes up that is better then buy it and discard another. Once one of the players reaches the win condition he or she is done while the rest of the players finish. It looks really fun and it doesn't take too long, clocking in at around 30 Minutes.

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